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Theresa currently is a postdoctoral researcher both in the Lab of Wolfgang Driever at University of Freiburg, working on transcriptional control of neuronal differentiation during zebrafish embryonic development, and in the group of Ekkehart Lausch at the Pediatric Genetics section of the University Medical Center Freiburg, working on genetic causes underlying skeletal malformations. You can learn more about Theresa's research here. Beyond everyday's lab life Theresa is engaging in multiple projects enhancing public underastanding of biomedical science. You can learn more about Theresa's public outreach projects here. A few years ago Theresa also became an active blogger with her main project being Das Gen der Woche, a blog which regularly features a specific gene, often after it made the headlines for some reasons. Her blog articles explain the functions and importance of these selected genes in a non-technical language. When Theresa is not doing or writing about research, she enjoys travelling. You can find some of her photographs here.

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