Modern Molecular Techniques like Genome Editing currently provoke a revolution in the biotechnology sector. A new level of manipulations, which were unthinkable until several years ago, are now possible with the use of "genetic scissors" like TALENs or CRISPR. These techniques are reaching out for the clinic with tremendous speed and will most likely effect us in many ways in the very near future. Only an informed public can come up with qualified opinions and policies regarding the regulations of those genetic tools. With this belief I happily engage in projects dedicated to inform a broad public audience about modern genetics. Within the last couple of years many of the projects in which I had the honor to participate were initiated by the Freiburg Municipial Theater:

In 2016 I was invited by the Freiburg Bahai community to give a talk entitled Genome Editing - State of the Art and Ethical Implications. You can find the abstract of the talk here.


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