Scientific Interest

Scientific Interest

Theresa gained years of research experience in molecular biology labs. For her PhD she combined her interests in genetics, developmental biology and neuroscience by studying transcription factors during embryonic brain development in zebrafish. After that, however, she broadened her interests to other fields of science and technology, particularly to energy science.

Background and Portfolio

Academic Background

Theresa is holding undergraduate degrees in both Biology and Philosophy. She then did a Masters and PhD in Molecular Medicine. During her Academic Career, she conducted research, teaching and was involved in administration. She published several peer-reviewed articles and received notably awards and fellowships.

Research Management
Research Management

During her studies, Theresa gained extensive experience as student representative and in committees of academic self-administration. After her PhD she progressed to a professional science manager, focussing on qualification of early career researchers and strategic communication.

Science Communication
Science Communication

Theresa is a passionate science communicator who deeply cares about public engagement of science. She gladly takes on opportunities to speak up for research and evidence-based policy making. In her professional career she was responsible for strategic communication at university centers and non-university research institutions.

Teaching and Training
Teaching and Training

Theresa is an experienced lecturer and offers trainings for early career researchers.

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Portrait Photo of Theresa Schredelseke. Photographer: Fatih Özgan.

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