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microscopic image of an early blastocyst: a four-cell staged embryo; whole image is cyan

Genetic Factors in Embryonic Development and Differentiation

Think about: keeping all your organs functional every day is already an enormous achievement by the proteins in your body, all of which are encoded on your genome. However, that’s by far not all of it: your genome also needs to orchestrate the very development and formation of all these […]

Molecular Biology and Genetics: Genealogy of a Science

For the 2018 summer semester Theresa prepared a course for the Life Science major students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences program at the University College Freiburg. Find a description of the course content here.

close-up photograph of a pipette tip filled with purple liquid with the tip reaching into a well of a 96-well-plate

Genetics Research and Laboratory Techniques

Bachelor in Biology at University of Innsbruck In her Biology undergraduate degree at Uni Innsbruck Theresa chose two focus topics: zoology and molecular biology. There she got the chance to rotate through several research groups doing laboratory practical courses, among those a Basic Laboratory Techniques practical course in which she […]