Articles for Newspapers or Magazines

Theresa is passionate about bridging the gaps between science and scoiety. Thus, besides here scientific publications, she authored or coauthored articles in newspapers or magazines that appeared in print or online.

In 2017 Theresa got in touch with Veronika Lipphardt, Professor for Science and Technology Studies on the University College of the University of Freiburg. Veronika has a background in Biology and the History of Science and is a fierce advocate for sensible handling of genetic data, particularly with respect to marginalized communities. In the meetings Theresa had together with Veronika and several other scientists from various disciplines, they discussed aspects of forensic genetics, particularly in the light of three legislative initiatives to expand the use of DNA analyses in criminal investigations in Germany, which were on the table back then (read more here).

Around that time, Harvard geneticist David Reich published a controversial article in the New York times on Race and Genetics, which was also discussed in several German news outlets. This urged them as a group to write an article on the problematic case of tranlsating the English term “race” to the German term “Rasse”.

Theresa is one of many researchers who found the CJEU ruling on genome-edited crops bewildering. She described her consternation in an article which appeared in the magazine Laborjournal on July 7, 2020.