Science Chatter Hamburg

Theresa is a huge fan of science podcasts. When starting the Science Chatter Hamburg project, she realized that among PhD students and Postdocs who are interested in outreach science communication there is high interest in the booming audio format. Thus, she teamed up with Michael Büker, who is not just a well-established science writer but also a successfull podcaster. Theresa and Michael then recorded, produced and released podcasts with seven PhD students and Postdocs from Uni Hamburg, DESY or the MPSD. Two of the recordings led us to the Hamburg Observatory, where Michael and Theresa spend an afternoon full of sunshine and science talk with Pranjal and Caroline, two postdoctoral astrophysicists who work there.

The result of the whole workshop project was a nice series of seven podcast episodes on topics ranging from how it was to start a PhD during a pandemic to dark matter and from diversity in academia to proton therapy.

Theresa was flattered when two of the participants in the podcast workshop, Philine and Oindrila, asked her if she would agree to be interviewed in one of their podcast episodes.

It was wonderful to see that the podcast workshop by Theresa and Michael kick-started a whole new science podcast project. Oindrila and Philine actually used the workshop to create the first two episodes of their STEMme podcast, a project which they currently continue and in which they feature news and persons from science and research.

Materials Science Ruhr

As Science Communication Officer of the Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen (CENIDE), Theresa – together with Peter Kohl and Nicolas Wöhrl organizes a podcast workshop for early career researchers in Materials Science in the Ruhr area.