The Gene of the Week Blog

From the time of her university studies, Theresa was and is blown away by the amazingness of genetics. She is convinced that everybody would feel the same, if just they would know about it. However, at some point here friends were fed up with her talking about genetics all day and night long. So Theresa needed a fresh audience, broader than her ignorant friends. At the same time, Theresa was curious to learn how to build websites. Thus, Theresa thought she could combine learning a new skillset with the generation of an outreach science communication product (later she would apply the idea of combining these two things in her trainings for early career researchers).

In 2016, Theresa launched her blog, “The Gene of the Week”. Even though she not even remotly managed to keep up the weekly frequency, she never changed the title (to the more adequate “a Gene every now and then”). Being just a hobby project she simply adds new artciles on certain specific genes if A) she is quite fascinated about some new genetics research (see here or here), or B) she is quite proud of her own genetics research (see here) or C) she is quite disturbed about things going on in genetics research (see here).

The University of Freiburg, on which Theresa conducted her research at that time, decided to feature her Blog project in the “Uni alumni” magazine in 2019.

A few months later, Theresa’s Blog “The Gene of the Week” was awarded the special price of the editor of “Wissenschaft kommuniziert” for the Science Blog of the Year 2019. The University of Freiburg welcomed this occasion to interview Theresa another time about her blog project: