Life in the Lab

After visiting an interdisciplinary seminar on the phenomenon of Life, Theresa was asked if she could see herself contributing to a theater project. Well, having little to no prior experience with theater (on the creator’s end), she was genuinely interested in the intersection between life sciences and the public, so she gave it a shot.

Over the next few weeks, Theresa worked with director Stefan Nolte and several students of the University of Freiburg from various disciplines. It was an exciting journey. What they ended up creating was a performance in which they gave the audience a chance to isolate and dissect (yeah, literally, they were given scissors) parts of the natural dialogue on synthetic biology. This was mostly headlines from the news, such as “Scientists about to clone Mammooths” or “Are we playing god?”. They – supported by our phenomenal expertise – they had the chance to rearrange these disourse fragment (they were given Scotch Tape) to form a unique and optimized “synthetic dialogue”. You can look at some of the fun they had in the video below ūüėČ

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