Writing and Editing

Theresa wrote and published several peer-reviewed scientific articles. Besides that, however, she is experienced in writing for a non-professional audience. During her PhD, she started the blog “The Gene of the Week” on which she regularly writes about genetics. She also authored or coauthored some articles that appeared in news outlets, like the Laborjournal or the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Theresa is convinced that science is best communicated by active researchers. Thus, she initiated Science Chatter and other plattforms on which she acts as editor and helps early career researchers to create and publish their stories. In the pilot project, Science Chatter Hamburg, Theresa, Michael Büker and others gave trainings to PhD students and Postdocs at Uni Hamburg and DESY. Covering different formats of Science Communication, all those trainings had in common that they were not just theoretical but designed in a way that within(!) the workshop participants created outreach products: blogposts, podcasts, videos and science slams.

In a similar settings, Theresa followed up and did trainings and editing for the HELIOS blogs, the Information and Data Science blogs, Materials Science Ruhr, the Nanoblogs and Climate Chatter Hamburg.

If you have a cool project for which you think Theresa’s writing or editing activities might be a good match, reach out to Theresa!