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Life in the Lab

After visiting an interdisciplinary seminar on the phenomenon of Life, Theresa was asked if she could see herself contributing to a theater project. Well, having little to no prior experience with theater (on the creator’s end), she was genuinely interested in the intersection between life sciences and the public, so […]


A little less than a year after my collaboration on Life in the Lab with director Stefan Nolte at the Freiburg Theater, I was contacted by a curator at the Theater again. Again, they were looking for a scientist to contribute to a project with director Lukas Matthaei. So I […]


Theresa is a huge fan of science podcasts. When starting the Science Chatter Hamburg project, she realized that among PhD students and Postdocs who are interested in outreach science communication there is high interest in the booming audio format. Thus, she teamed up with Michael Büker, who is not just […]

Articles for Newspapers or Magazines

Theresa is passionate about bridging the gaps between science and scoiety. Thus, besides here scientific publications, she authored or coauthored some articles in newspapers or magazines that appeared in print or online. In 2017 Theresa got in touch with Veronika Lipphardt, Professor for Science and Technology Studies on the University […]

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The Gene of the Week Blog

From the time of her university studies, Theresa was and is blown away by the amazingness of genetics. She is convinced that everybody would feel the same, if just they would know about it. However, at some point here friends were fed up with her talking about genetics all day […]

Genetics Research and Laboratory Techniques

Bachelor in Biology at University of Innsbruck In her Biology undergraduate degree at Uni Innsbruck Theresa chose two focus topics: zoology and molecular biology. There she got the chance to rotate through several research groups doing laboratory practical courses, among those a Basic Laboratory Techniques practical course in which she […]