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The Gene of the Week Blog

Articles in German and English for a Public Audience

Articles for Newspapers

On Race and Genetics in Süddeutsche Zeitung and on Genome Edited Crops in Laborjournal

Science Chatter and other Blogs

Admin and Editor of Blogging Plattforms for Early Career Researchers


Public Talk on Genome Editing

Invited by the Bahá'í Community Freiburg

Panel Discussion

Clicks, likes and preprints: are we entering a new age of scientific publication? – CIBSS Centre for Biological Signaling Studies


Science Chatter Hamburg and Materials Science Ruhr

Science on Stage and in the Pub

Re-engineering Life

Perfomance on Synthetic Biology at Municipal Theater Freiburg


A citywide negotiation of life expectancies in Freiburg

Science Slams

Bringing Early Career Researchers on Stage

Pint of Science

Science Talks in the Pub

Science in Your Living- or Classroom

DNA Extraction

Extract DNA from fruits by using only household equipment

Seeing the Helical Diffraction

Reproduce what Rosalind Franklin saw on her famous Photo 51 by using a regular laser pointer

Saltatory Conduction in Neurons

Experience the value of myelin sheats in speeding up the conduction along axons using dominoes.

Comms Training and Outreach

Science Chatter Hamburg

The first Science Chatter Project, hosted by PIER: Blogs, Podcasts, Science Slams

Science Chatter Worldwide

A Blog Project open for contributions from researchers around the globe


A Blog Platform with articles of PhD students in Hamburg and Lund

Climate Chatter Hamburg

Another Science Chatter Project: Podcasts from researchers at the SICSS Cluster of Excellence in Hamburg

Science Chatter Ruhr

Another Science Chatter project: Podcasts from researchers in Materials Science in the Ruhr Area


Nanoblogging for everyone

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