Genetics Research and Laboratory Techniques

(RT-)PCR, Molecular Cloning (Gateway, Gibson, Goldengate), Microinjection, TALEN, CRISPR, Transgenes, Mutagenesis, In Situ Hybridization, NGS, Array-CGH.

Genetic Factors in Embryonic Development

PhD: Transcriptional Regulation of Embryonic Zebrafish Forebrain Development

Postdoc: Paediatric Human Genetics – Skeletal Malformations

Genetics and Society

The Gene of the Week Blog, ELSI/ELSA, Race and Genetics, Forensic Genetics, GMOs in Agriculture, Whole-genome sequencing, DTC testing, Outreach and Education.

Developmental Biology

The awe of the Differentiation Process

How a single fertilized egg cell starts to divide and eventually give rise to all the very different cells of an adult organism tissues.

Ethical Discussions on the Beginning of Life

Abortion, Prenatal and Preimplantation Diagnostics, Potentiality arguments, Embryonic Stem Cells.

The Clinical Potential of Regeneration

Degenerative Diseases, Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, De- and Redifferentiation in vitro and in vivo.

The Zebrafish Model

The Zebrafish Story

Why, since when and for which research questions scientists widely use zebrafish as a model organism.

Embryological and Preclinical Research

Transparent larvae that develop outside of the mother organism make zebrafish a prime model organism for embryology and other preclinical studies.

Neuroscience and Behavioral Research

As small vertebrate predators, zebrafish have a complex brain and allow cost-efficient behavioral tracking and analyses.


Nervous System Development and Regeneration

Neurulation, Patterning of the Neural Tube, Morphogens and Transcription Factors, Neuronal Differentiation, Axogenesis and Regenerative Approaches.

From Cellular to Behavioral Neuroscience

Neural circuit research aims at filling a knowledge gap that persists between the well-studied molecular processes in single neurons and the analysis of brain area activities or behavior.

Cognitive Neuroscience

The neural substrates of mental processes and Neuropsychology.


Philosophy of Mind and Free Will

What's the relationship of thoughts or emotions and the body or brain? How can we conceptualize mental causation and free will?


Knowledge and how we gain it. From Aristotle to contemporary thinkers.

Practical Philosophy and Ethics

Political and Legal Aspects of Science and Technology, (Bio)ethics.