Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy

Yes, Theresa studied Philosophy. Why? Well, over the last few years in secondary school, Theresa developped a major interest in the Human Mind, with all the various aspects of it. So when she entered university, she first ignored the different curricula – it was a time in which this was still possible – and picked a wild collection of classes from various departments. This included courses about the nervous system at the biology department, about cognitive neuroscience at the psychology department and about philosophy of mind at the philosophy department.

After a while, she felt the need to have a strong foundation in one discipline with solid knowledge to build up upon. For the larger parts of life, she developped this in science – you can read about her studies in biology and molecualr medicine at the undergraduate and graduate level. However, Philosophy also stuck with her for a while.

So attending a few philosophy seminars started as a hobby but grew to being a nice balancing factors alongsid Theresa’s biology studies. The courses she took ranged from the history of ideas, logics, ontology, epistemology, hermeneutics to cultural and political philospohy and ethics. However, Philosophy of Mind remained a strong focus in her studies. She dealt extensively with questions about determinism, free will and mental causation. In this field, she also wrote her Bachelor thesis which was on the Bieri Trilemma.